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From maintenance utilities and image editing software to security tools and torrent clients, these are the very best free Windows apps. 1. Data loss does happen from time to time. Switch the virtual desktop: You can do this by pressing Windows Button + Ctrl + Left or Right button. You can simply right click on the Recycle Bin icon and hit Pin to Start”, which will create a Recycle Bin tile on the Start menu. 96. If you have a lot of MP3 files, you probably need to edit the tags and metadata so that everything shows up properly in iTunes or your music manager app.

Best for: Turning audio files into social shares. When you click All Programs at the bottom of the Start menu, you’re shown an important list indeed: the master catalog of every program on your computer. If you want to have your PC optimize itself for certain activities, in this case gaming, you don’t need to fiddle with the settings every time you want to switch its allocation of resources. You can also make use of scheduled recordings to start and stop recording at scheduled times or when a specified application is launched.

The Office Online app for Windows 10 simply adds an icon to your Edge browser toolbar that gives you quick access to Microsoft’s web-based versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Thankfully, there are some free PC maintenance tools Top 5 Free Computer Maintenance Tools You Should Know About Top 5 Free Computer Maintenance Tools You Should Know About Treat your Related computer right and it will stay fast and responsive for many years.

And you can even set it to let you access any file on your PC remotely not just the ones you drag over to your OneDrive folder. ContaCam provides you with reliable video surveillance and live webcam software for Windows. Then it’s time to grab a few more important programs. Describe how to choose a target folder for File Explorer. Everything will be taken away from your desktop, save for spaced-out icons for the Start button, Cortana, and Task View.

If you’re looking to get rid of threats from your PC or device quickly, these free antivirus programs offer a reliable solution. We ran the PCMark 8 Home test multiple times to set the baseline performance. It’s one of the best POS software for Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows XP, iPad, Mac or PC, works online and offline, and connects to all the latest hardware – barcode scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers.

Our clients often purchase utilities such as PC Mechanic only to find out that the performance boost was far less than expected.” Varis recommends users upgrade their hard drives to an SSD (solid-state drive) and do regular cleanup of cache and temporary files.” He suggests that this simple upgrade and maintenance technique will provide users with a better performance boost than any PC utility app.

Right: The All Programs menu replaces the left column of the Start menu, listing all your software. In the Start menu, search for recovery, and open the Recovery option. Keeping one’s computer documents as safe as possible is an everyday task for most users, and they resort to creating regular, if not daily, backups just to ensure that hardware failure or malware infections cannot damage their data. 69. EditPad Lite – EditPad Lite can be a replacement for the Notepad app on your PC. It’s a basic tool with all the features you need to write and edit codes on your computer.

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